Call me Aaliyah Shakoor,  just don't call me late fer' dinner! *drumroll* Ha! Anyway, I began teaching myself Arabic 11 years ago. I built this place in space to document my journey thus far, and I also want to share Arabic learning resources with others. Here, you will find "lots of stuff" to benefit from, along with my own thoughts and musings on the language. One should know, though, that although I'm capable of teaching others - and sometimes do, I'm a self-taught student, and not a teacher. You need not get that twisted.

As you can already see, going forward you will find me #unapologetic and #unfiltered. Still yet, I'm also highly resourceful. In the end, I hope you're able to benefit from something here, as I'm guessing that's why you've come in the first place. Either that or you just wanna be nosy - which is still a page hit for me. *shrugs* Winning!

On the flip side, I'm also an I.T technician. I build websites, I fix computers and phones (#TeamAndroid) and do other technical-related tasks. I decided to combine my love for Technology with my love for studying Arabic and make some kind of Masterpiece - in its own rights. This is it.

Welcome to Arabic Study Hall.